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CECHC03 on firmware 3.55 stock atm, need some help LOL

Discussion in 'PS3 Forums' started by ls12crew, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. ls12crew

    ls12crew New Member

    Nov 4, 2016
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    Been out the game for some time now and when i was it was all J-tag for xbox360 and ixtream LT3.0 never done an RGH as of
    yet but will give that a go too but want to do the ps3 Scene now too and get back in the game much hAS changed since i moved
    into the cable and sat modding area but now here i am so..... went to market asking the sellers there for broken ps3 and xbox360
    and managed to get 4 ps3's and 2 xbox360 the first one i fired up had no hdd in it so i put a 320gb and let the system
    format it but even though it did do a full format the system had game profiles on ? strange? anyways went into system settings
    and to my amazement it was on stock 3.55 which found is my perfect FW to be on, But from reading
    around the forums have found an overload of info and now need some guildance > See below <

    The system im wanting to mod

    CECHC03 on firmware 3.55 stock atm
    Blu-Ray drive seems to have a disk stuck in it.
    Want to Q&A the console while still on 3.55 incase it can not be done later.
    Then need to make B/L drive repaire and do the jailbreak

    Jailbreak (What i would at least like to do)
    needs to be able to downgrade without hardware
    Needs to be able to go online (fw spoof if needed)
    modded games (eboot .ff files)
    Play PS1 & PS2 games from hdd iso or from disk
    Play my ps3 backups from hdd without having to keep putting games in

    What i need to know... so here goes my questions

    1. Is this console anygood as it does have 4 usb on frount and sd,cf and a sony pro card slot which i like look of
    2. What is the difrence between cex and dex
    3. What is best CFW to go with been looking at rebug tbh but the 4.81 says not BL/BR patched
    4. Do i need the BL/BR patch
    5. Rebug mentions cobra so does that mean i have to buy a dongle to use that FW
    6. Is it easy enough to get online with these CFW's
    7. is it only possible to do the Q&A flag when on 3.55 or could rebug do that for me :)

    And any other info that you guys could add would be most apprciated.
  2. ls12crew

    ls12crew New Member

    Nov 4, 2016
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    Or if i just go and flash rebug the lastest version 4.81 over my no Q&A flaged 3.55 will i lose the option in the future to do the Q&A flag? pls anyone

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