where's the onboard battery in my router ?


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Sep 17, 2006
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where's the onboard battery in my router ?
hi guy's, ime after a bit ove some-one's brains

i have a belkin wireless 54g router
model = f5d7230-4
trouble is every time i turn the power off & back on it looses all its internal settings , now this gets frustrating having to set it all up again time after time
now ime not daft and i no it must be down to the onboard battery or some sort of IC that keeps the settings on board being depleated, i have taken it apart and looked and me car'nt find any-thing that look's like a on board battery , ive had a look on the net and havent had much luck.
so i wondered if som-one could take a look at the pic's ive took off the bottom & top of the circut board to determine wot & where is the onboard battery or chip so i can change it and hopfully solve my problem

ive also been to the and saved the settings , it saves the settings to a file ok , but when you try and update the router again with the saved settings file it goes through the motions and says settings saved successfully but it dont actualy change any of the settings.

ive even flashed new firmware on it , so the only thing i can think off is a on board battery or some sort of IC that keeps the settings on it.
obviously some things not right because its only just started doing it worst thing is its only just ran out of garantee.

any help would be much appreceted.
its has to be faulty , u r changing the filmware and that shouldn't change
@smirnoff hi m8, i only reflashed the firmware just to eiliminate it from the problem.

the router itself work great apart from this 1 problem.
Hi mark370,

there is no battery in the router. The setting are stored
in the same flash chip as the firmware.