What am i doing wrong????????


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May 9, 2005
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North Lanarshire
Hi guys i am trying to do atmega 163+24C256
ihave used a cam id
used toxic 7
put in my ird + bk
used the swap bin to hex
erased the card a couple of times
wrote the flash for TW
and Ext EEprom
put the card in the box and only getting bbc1,2.3.itv1,4+5
what am i doing wrong
please help
Sometimes it takes a few minutes to update its keys.

You've remembered to select the correct Ext EEPROM type (TW, C&W or NTL)?

What programmer are you using? Some will accept the Ext EEPROM file as a .BIN.
Hi i left it in all night and there was no difference,all i was getting was a blank screen.I am on TW and that is what i selected,using infinity usb
What do you see in the engineers menu in card status?
Cheers savagebasher i will try it out and let you know how it goes,but not 2nite i am night shift worse luck,i will get back to you
cheers again
if you have tried all of the above as spectre has said what is the card status in the eng menu? if you are 100% sure try a warm boot from the eng menu
Are you writing the eeprom file 1st and then writing the flash file? if you do it the other way around it won't work ........
on atmega 163 and using the infinity usb
i used the atmega 7a for t/w do cam id then ird then box key dont put any keys save file as bin not bn10
dont need to use bin to hex never had to
load the flash and the external<<<<< the bin file u made
and erase card once then write card
i have found best way to make card update
is power down box enter engineers menu
put card in go to card page and wait for ok the do softboot
you need to use toxic 7b put in ird and bk click tw if you tw click save it will save in the correct format for the card write it to the xternal eprom then write the flash insert into box power up change to 101 give it at least 10 mins then go to ch 120 or 511 ect and if bk and ird are right then you in business pm me if you dont have the toxic 7b files