vodafone simm wanted


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Mar 13, 2005
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Hi all im after a voda simm i did order 2 a while back got them no probs but when i try to order anymore i fill application and when i press submit it says cant deliever to this address so i presume the wont let me have anymore so if anyone has got one can you let me know cheers all
Put in a different name and email address should work. If it dont, just change the last digit of your postcode. eg, if you postcode is LN21 4DG, change it to LN21 4DH. Always worked for me.
Cheers bud souds good to me ill give that a go cheers again
Typical go and try and get one no free vodafone sims so if anybody has one knocking about please let me know needed for my son cheers all
zerofool2005 thank you m8 for the offer but i believe huggi is sorting one out for me but thanks anyway
I just like to say sim no longer reqiured i have just recieved one from huggi who i would like to thank for such quick delievery thank you huggi m8 much appreciated and thank you to all who replied