V12 Slim Kit Pro 3.6


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Feb 1, 2005
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hiya anyone used/tried this on ps2 slim. if so whats it like good? bad? ok? easty to use? or a pain?
HI , great site have'nt been a member long. Help needing (swap magic ps2 sofe ware) does anyone have any info or where to down load. Any help would be nice

wrong forum guys ;)
@ bikingmad im not 100% but i dont think you cant burn the swapmagic discs because they use the same bad data sections to make the swap magic disks

lmao i know its mad copy protection on software that allows you to play copied games lol ;).... but im sure also its the only way to put any disk in the PS2 so it will work (its how the device reads data aswell that matters ;))
yeh i use swap magic disks i have version 3.6. i got a slimline ps2 black console and all i had 2 do was put 3 tools into the console which are called slim kit pro. i have always got this working everytime with my games but i will say that if you want this chip u must do the following:

Have good media quality eg verbatim
always burn at a normal speed : eg burn at 4x not 1x or 8x beacuse data may be missed.

need any help let me know
Yes mickie is right - there is no current drive or software commercially available for burning bad sectors but hey bre@zecomputers are the cheapest for swap discs i have seen - about 15 quid all in.But burn at 2x otherwise possible errors after burn.If using nero you will have to get 4x discs as 8x wont let you burn at 2x for some reason.Hope this helps m8.:Cheers: