Unlocking a Rom 11


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Apr 25, 2005
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having a few sucesses and a few failures (more failures than sucesses) when trying to unlock rom 11 boc cards

I have tried several scripts and settings on the nexus but:

1> How do you know if the script is the correct one to use?
2> How do you know if the the card is going ok?
3> How do you know if the settings are correct?
4> What do the +'s & -'s mean?
5> When the VCC is 2A,2B,2C etc is that ok?? - what should it be
6> When i get a "too many connections" failure i try to restart the card again and it comes up something like no script for FC01

Its going but i dont really know what it is actually doing or know if its going ok

ive read alot on forums but they dont really answer my questions

any help will be appreciated
I use multiscript mate good for rom10 and rom11 unlocks the BOC's in under half an hour for me