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Oct 4, 2005
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This one really gets up my nose ,a while ago i insatlled" Musicmatch Jukebox"it ran great for a while but on one occassion after updating it this is where the problem started.when i shut down my computer at end of day there was allways a message saying"Windows can not shut down shell.con hidden window"after checking around here and there i discovered that once i updated Musicmatch that caused the problem now i cannot delete this programme at all now .even going in to add/remove programmes it comes back saying that it can not do what it wants to do and it wants to send a report to microsoft How can i get rid of this????????:handball:
have you tryed system restore and restore it back before the updates then try uninstalling it then


go into task manager find anypart of the program still running and end task then try to unistall it

thats what i would be trying at first m8
i have even been in regedit and i cant even find anypart of it anywhere .even went into msconfig theres nothing there either ive even tried manually deleting it but to no avail
sounds like u have done the obvious things

h**p://www.musicmatch.com/form/support/# type in uninstall in search on this url it gives loads of hits

they do have a bit where u can send questions to their support if above dont work

i had a problem lastweek on a friends machine with a piece of software that was stuck in a loop.

if u tried to use program it reported not correctly installed and to uninstall and reinstall, if u tried to uninstall it said installation not complete and kicked u out.

on their web site was a fix, it itook 2 secs to download and 3 secs to run, sorted
if you cant do a restore maybe you could re install the jukebox and try uninstalling it in safe mode
FINALLY managed to get this uninstalled whoooopppeeee first you have to go to c/programmes/musicmatch. inside the file there are four sub files what you do is click on the common file and then hit delete on your keyboard keep doing this(do not try to do this with the musicmatch file first as it will come back saying that it cannot delete this because of a .dll file which is running)leave this file until last then do the same hit the delete on your keyboard,then go into regedit find it and delete it form there restart your computer job done whoooooooopppppppeeeeeee