Tried everything known to man......still stuck


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Nov 4, 2005
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hi all

i have a 4001 with a tit card, woked no problems for months, then one day it had a black screen, rebooted but guess wot it was STUCK ON TUNE, oh crap i thought this is not good, coz no 1 really seems to know how to fix this problem, it will fix itself or ur screwed, i have tried everything possible, i think. didn't wanna waste anyones time by posting another stuck on tune threat before i tried and tried and tried eveything, so now i have no clue to wots left to try..................................plz help, im gonna cry :(

just to update everyone i have tested and tried all of the following with no luck -

* tested power supply is above 30v - yes its 35v

* tested the caps - boths caps have correct voltages

* changed cim (cable interface module) with a known working one still not working

* pulled jumper - still not working

* held down standby and up/down buttons - only made the stb display "0" on the display but said no channels were available - so that didn't work.

* also tried ever combo of force boot known to man - still won't work

* the only thing i hav found after searching a million forums is that when the display is "0" and you press "page up", "page down" and "blue button" to get into a soft menu if the net id says "*****" then there is a fault with the upstream tuner, which i think they mean the CIM, which i have changed but it still wont work.

STILL STUCK ON TUNE - even after leaving if for hours at a time.
no mate i get nothing if i just start up the stb it stays on tune (sorry but im sick of typing stuck on tune) if i try holding standby and up/down i can get "0" to display but then it will say that the channels are not available so i cant browse any channels just displays "0" or sum times it will say that it tried to do an update but it failed. but thats it, only once did i get to the stage where i saw the "STARTING SPINNING LOGO" on the screen but then nothing.

any ideas.
Upstream tuner is NOT the CIM. It's the front tuner. Replace it with the back tuner.....leave the back tuner out....
As far as I know, nobody has a solution for net ID = *****
hi guys

im not sure if it is a feed problem, i used the same feed to force an update on another box, that 1 is now working fine, my sub box is running fine on that feed.

as a last resort i removed the rear tuner and and replaced the front one with it, but guess wot? still the same thing.

so folks it really does look like that if you ever get the stuck on "TUNE" you could be screwed, coz believe me i dont give up, and i have tried everything, checked everything and i can't understand wots up with it.

so i think its time to close this threat, and say farewell to my 4001 stb, she served me well, we all tried everything to bring her back, but alas she has gone to a better place now - rest in pieces (in the loft in case i need spares) you will be missed xxx
enter the engineers menu

page 1

make sure the default frequency is set correctly
symbol rate is set and qam is set just try the dvb-rc 124.000 mhz

page 5

lock status is it locked??

network information is it found

dvb-rc status connected??

if this fails have u tried cpr???
If the net id = ***** then the upstream tuner or curcuit is faulty.
this will the cause a stuck in tune < just finished doing one for a pal !(the network information table is unavailable if the netid id ***** so you won't get any channels because the box doesn't know where to look for them.
if you remove the upstream tuner on a 4001 it will not work.
It must have both tuners working correctly.
The upstream tuner is marked TUN400 and is to the rear of the box... it is not the cim - cim faults usually become obvious during update cycles, and of course a damaged f socket.

you can clarify the fault in the following way. swap TUN400 WITH TUN100.
start the box - you will still have a stuck in tune but if you goto the eng menu you should have a netid present. unfortunately the netid is updated on boot up so you can't just swap them back.

if you do get a net id you will have to source a replacement tuner.
back reading i noticed you say you changed TUN400 for TUN100 you still had a stuck in tune but did you check the netid in eng menu ( the only funstion of TUN400 and curcuit is to provide the box with netid in a modded box)
Have a look at the f plug where the feed go's in and see if it is fixed to the tin can mothor bourd propley as i had one that was stuck in tune and re soldered the f plug back and bigo did it update and now works.
If you can get into engineers menu i carnt see it being this but if you can not then maybe it is as i couldent get into the menu befor i did the job on the box, now i can.
Arso befor i fixed it i got the box to do some of the download but it stoped and just stuck there saying somert on the front.