Toothed 'timing belt' needed


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Jun 3, 2001
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Airstrip One
The style is just called Timing Belt, they are drive belts in this case.

T5 - Tooth pitch 5mm.
10mm wide.
At least 1500mm long or open ended will do.
Nylon reinforced.

Anyone know where I can get them?

Farnell don't have one long enough and the ones in RS are steel reinforced, I'm picking a couple up tomorrow to look at but they may not be flexible enough for what I want.
u tried using ones out of old printers and fax machines
I did contact someone who deals with large printers and such but it seems an awkward one.

It's the length that is the problem, 1500mm minimum.

Maybe big (A1 or A0) plotters use them.

Still haven't got the one from RS to try yet, I have a feeling that the bend radius of a steel reinforced one won't be small enough though and I'll be looking for a replacement stepping motor after I burn it out trying :(.
have u thought of getting a car belt and cutting it down??
The one I need is quite light, they are only about 2.5mm thick between teeth.