TM800 Perfect Setup and backup data


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Jun 2, 2010
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Have just received my TM800, and have had a good read/search on here but am still at a loss.
I have flashed new image dated today via usb

Copy TM800_update.bin to usb stick
Power up with USB fitted press power continuously until MINIROOT ,then press menu.

Have installed satellite channel data from setup

have copied my cccam.cfg ( which works on my DM800)to var\etc using FTP ( using IP from display at boot)

But I can;t seem to get cccam running from setup. Should it automatically find this file and set it up?
Im set to cccam2104, but the Select card server offers me nothing. I have tried all the restarts too

I have seen mentioned on here, there is an option from a web browser for a full image backup, mine doesn't seem to work...if I go to my ip in a browser, I get nothing

Also what's the best way to back up all my channel info, config and setting before flashing the new images as they arrive? as I don't want to scan for channels re-install bouquets each time