Tm-600 super?


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Apr 14, 2010
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As Tm have just updated the TM-500 to a super version, is there any word on a TM-600 super being released any time soon or any other new TM box releases shortly?
I assume there will be a tm600 super as the tm500 has no usb sockets so not able to recording programs.
Intresting, the TM500 super is not the Technomate UK website yet...but it's all over ebay and retailers sites..

- is this still a ITGate produced recivever ?
- Only difference I can see is smaller size case and front panel looks like a smaller version of a TM800HD.
- More memory as well...which is good.
- Be intresting to see if it's still the same crappy software support and development team as the original TM500/600/800HD UR TEAM....

Bit of a weird move...why would TM release SUPER versions of Linux recievers when then cant even manage to fix the software bugs and shortcomings on the current range of TM500/600/800HD...
its a good question .I dont think that any e1 improvment essential any more.Its e2 time!

Got one today nice and zippy must be the extra memory looks just like the tm800 and has same remote.

Yes its E1 based.
have you tried reading a white card using only cccam 2.14?

also does it still have the widescree bug?
i got a tm500 super today aswell,it reads mtv,sky 1 ect,but wont read the premier channels(sky sports& movies)dont know y:(
If your using CCAM to read the card then boxkey goes in the ccam.cfg file in /var/etc
i got my tm-500 super the other day nice bit of kit i was going to just get dm-500 glad i went for tm tho
and what is the price for this new toy?

latest download i could find
is there a better 1?
latest download i could find
is there a better 1?

Intresting, no the latest version of CCCAM is 2.1.4. However the current TM500 and 600 do not work properly with it...cannot read white card etc..glitching..

Did you manage to get your card to read by entering the box key in CCCAM.cfg file ? if so does it work properly clear channels without glitching ???

Be intresting to know if this issue has been fixed in the TM500 SUPER ....
sorry it is 2.1.4
card works perfect on it,but still cant get skysports n movies,
dont know my box key or how to enter it
if you can guide me il try it & report back