Struggling to d@code


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Jun 24, 2006
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Hi guys, I'd appeciate some help please if you've got a moment.

I have a DM500s, with latest Gemini image which i flashed over with FW. I've got a fixed dish locked to 13 at the moment.
I can receive al the FTA's fine, but cannot decode anything else.

I'm having problems connecting the box to the internet, but that's another story, so in the meantime i've FTP'd all the cam files across.

I've loaded the CAM & config files to /tmp and manually installed ok.
I've dropped the latest key files from here into /var/keys, the config files are in /var/tuxbox/config.

I can toggle the CAM's, but can still only get FTA's

Any ideas? What have i forgotten to do? Do i need a card in the slot as well?
I've tried all the top cams, evo, camd etc.
I feel a bit hopeless, but i've been at this for a week solid now and i'm determined to sort this.
Theres not a great deal of any significance open on 13 mate, I'd suggest pointing your dish at 19.2e and you'll pick up D+/Premiere - decent packages with an excellent varierty of choice.
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Been out in the rain, pointed to 19.2, re-tuned, and up and rolling!
Many thanks DJSY !