still not working d box


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Dec 8, 2005
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i tryed the ifa and its still not working. it just keeps comeing up with the same error 10048 ip address allready in use. i tryed outher vir of ifa but i still cant get i to work. and i followed the ifa guide as well. and i reset my box and my pc. still not doing nothing on the d box or the pc. please can someone help me as i dont know what up.
d box

that guide that you sent me a link 2. is no good cos the d box wont boot up. and i cant get into the settings mumu to change or see ip address of the box. can you help anymore? thanks
d nox help

d box still not working. as i was putting an image onto the box it crashed somehow. and now the box just freeze on the sportster loading screen. [cos the box did not take the full image]. so now i dont know the d box's ip address now. i tryed using ifa to put an image back on to the box but it just comes up with an error 10048 ip address allready in use. i says on the d box connection in my network places not conected when the power leed is out of the d box. so how can i transfer the image to the box. i tryed it lots of times but on joe still. [reset the box. and ive restarted my pc as well. and i have followed the ifa guide as well. please can someone help me. as it is doing my head in. thanks
i had a similar problem to this i solved it by using an old pc with a clean installation with no firewall using the null modem cable ,crossover network cable and ifa 2.0 i had tryed it on 3 other pc's and my laptop and i still could not log in but the clean install let me in if you have an old pc laying around i suggest trying this i now keep this old pentium 2 laying around for problem boxes its invaluable but still a pile of shite

i recommend windows 2000 or earler