Spiderbox for friends and me, questions??


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Sep 7, 2010
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Hi all,

Came across DW forum tonight, and how the hours have passed reading through posts..... 'time fly's when your having fun' - as they say.

I am looking to buy a box to provide me with a vast amount of channels, by what i have read you can get most of channels on Astra 28.2 / Hotbird 13.0 etc from the spiderbox.

My friends are also looking for a decent box for the same reason as me, what I need to know is

If I purchase one for me and them (about 5 in total): Will I have to go round to their house every so often to update their box?

Can I do all the setting up of the boxes in my house before taking them round to their homes, i.e. just go round theirs and plug into router and dish?

Where I stay in Renfrewshire, there is someone selling boxes at £200, just need to plug into router and dish connection and all sly channels are available. Does anyone know what these boxes are, and more importantly are they worth it??

Also another questions: Are the spiderbox 5000 worth purchasing, as i dont have an HD telly yet (waiting to get a 2nd Generation 3d tv)

Thanks for any advice given.


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Nov 30, 2005
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Thing with the spiderbox is that it is connected to a card share server, this server is a "free gift" at the moment, the problem with a free gift is that it could end at any second you never know, it may also become overloaded as more and more people buy these boxes.

As for the hardware although I don't have one the reports I have read would indicate them to be ok.

If you don't need HD then something like a DM500s would be had for around £60 then you could look at any number of pay servers if you wanted, or set something up between yourselves instead.

As with anything they take a lot of reading up and you may regret being the "one" that is always getting called every time something goes off.

IMO the dreambox is the best supported and more reliable box out there, although there are others, they all seem to have a few niggles.



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May 28, 2007
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dont think you get anything other than fta on 28.2e with the spiderbox but you will get plenty of other sats