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Mar 29, 2005
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well today i programmed a opos card for a freind with his ird/bk which i read from the Atmega Card. When i went down to his house i put the card in it never worked it just said you have not subscribed to this channel i waited for like 5 mins never worked (I PUT LATEST KEYS AS I ALWAYS DO NEVER LETS ME DOWN).. then i though card is faulty so i re-programmed using my box ird/bk it worked staight away.. i asked him did u ever give ur atmega card to anyone to borrow he said no it was working till last week when ar atmegas went off..

Opos Is 1.04 + New Files Needed
Box Pace DI4001N
Are Leicester PURE NTL

Anyone Got Solution To This Like Why This Happend Would Really Help
if possible try and read it back and check all details are correct .maybe just a slip of the hand mate especially if your familiar with opuses etc . the other thing is my opus went down a couple of weeks back and thats basically what i got . it was 1.04 but with origianal files from yonks ago .i redone it using twobeercans files and bang au-updated and back to all channels so it could be the image .i'm pure ntl 4001 also .
if the atmega was writen with toxic 6 dont forget that it endcrypted the box keys
and might be best recheck the box number on the box mate
L area is pure ntl take a look at files loaded, there may be updates, mine works fine, and im in pur nt area.

Got the opus after tit 2 went down it works ok for now ?

Check downloads section

might help it did me

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i programmed like 15 opos cards which all worked just this one i read the ird bk 3 times to make sure it was what i read from the atmega lol :(... it was 1.04 with latest files as well october release ones.. could it be that some boxes have to have ird backwords although the guide says backwords i always do it normal starting with 12 it has never let me down maybe some boxes need it backwords u think i should give it a try..
i programmed 4 opus cards 2 worked with 12 at the front the other 2 worked backwards, wierd huh. But i just copied how they were after i read the atmega, some forward some backward.