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Nov 6, 2005
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i recently bought my dbox plugged it in and done a channel search this bought up lots of channels!!!!! i know it came with sportster 1.7 already on it i was wondering if i need to update the image or just go with the option IF ITS WORKING JUST LEAVE IT!!!!!!!!

would be greatful if anyone could shed some light on the situation

You can back-up your image from the service menu and try one of the newer ones. If you find problems with the new image, it's easy to restore the old one, but if your box is working as it is, there is really no reason to try a new image. The main features are more or less the same, and the imporvements are mostly in drivers and various little tweaks.
bloodstone1964 said:
if its not broke dont fix it lol.
stick to it!
rule of thumb .. if there are no changes in the new version that you would like than dont bother upgrading ..
always backup ;)
cheers guys

well it aint broke and i aint gonna fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!