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Oct 5, 2005
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i have just done a scan looking for more channels and have lost all the front row, sports 1 most of the movies etc,this is the first time i have re-scanned since setting my box up(sagem1x)outwith of the original scan has anyone else had this problem or know how to resolve it....cheers
been trying to sort this out cant even get bbc or itv but got 83 channels very strange it does not seem to be picking up transponders(only11)the kids are going nuts!!!!help!!!!
did you not save your old service file ?
if not search on board there should be one for your area, just download it and replace it on dbox
You sure when you're doing the scan, you're not selecting overwrite old?
Should just update the bouquets.

thanks for the help folks up and running A1 again i think i messed up as i just went to scan all services then start scan and i must have overwritten my original services how do i save them before scanning?