samsung and Pace Digi boxs



Hello All
Just regisitered on here site looks great so far

1st question

Can these boxes be modified ie Ppv Samsung 2100C and pace boxs

If so what would i need to Mod these is it a card or Chip thats used

if so any assistance or links as to what i would need would be greatly appreciated

have access to a few of each of these boxs but they have probably been turn off.

many thanks
You'll need to do a lot of reading, but the brief answer is yes it can be done but you won't get ppv in all areas (and you won't get it anywhere before too much longer) - but all normal channels will be no problem. The exact procedure varies from model to model but the basic steps are:

- obtain the IRD and BK (boxkey) of the box - either direct from the box or reading from the original viewing card or the boxkey database

- disable talkback

- reprogram the card (you'll probably have to unlock it first), or use a titanium / atmega / opus / fun card - but there are lots of problems with these at the moment, so you're best off sticking to the original card.