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Aug 5, 2005
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Hi guys a friend of mine recently gave me one of these, i have been reading a lot on the forums and i think i maybe able to make it do speacial things.

how do i go about finding if its a x1 or x2 and what does this mean.

any helpappreciated
sorry guys jus realised you have to have under 20 posts to ask questions in here.

do u think i shood post in the main section,
dont wanna piss anyone off
Make it do "special things"? Mine pole dances ;)

Sagems either have one flash chip or two. That's what x1 or x2 to refers to: the number of flash chips on board. If you have one flash chip, you flash it with a x1 image and.. you get it.

To find out how many flash chips there are, you'll have to remove the case. Just unscrew it, give it a good tug and shake and it should come off. Now look for the flash chip(s). Hint: it will have "flash" written on the chip. And Intel. Or AMD. Depends on the make. They're located roughly behind the slots for the cards. About half way.
thanks m8 appreciate the help, iw ill do it 2nite when i get home