Referee seems to celebrate goal!!


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Apr 15, 2006
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In a house with lots of alcohol on the go!!

Referee is most jubilant!

The "impartial one" is also called, the man in black. Not completely impartially the referee behaved with the portion of PSV Eindhoven against Ajax Amsterdam on last Sunday. Referee Eric Braamhaar led the play of PSV Eindhoven on 18 March 2007 against Ajax Amsterdam, which the hosts lost 1:5. When Kenneth Perez obtained the fifth goal for the guests, Braamhaar jumped up and made a joy gesture with his left arm, the on-line magazine "" reports.

Braamhaar stated after the play in that he had not been pleased about the goal, but rather was jubilant, because he'd made a correct decision. "it was a beautiful moment for me", said Braamhaar in the Netherlands TV transmission "De Wedstrijden". "I had seen a foul and let off PSV before the Ajax attack however I gave the advantage. It is beautiful if one sees that so a decision comes out well for the team disadvantaged with the foul. That was for me times correct football.
hehe! thats quality, looks like he is prpoerly celebrating!
impartial my arse he proberbly on the pay , he was nearly jumping for joy along with a cheesy grin
maybe he predicted a correct score thats why he gave the advantage!!
yeah thats just wrong

im surprised we aint seen a few do that for man utd lol

im sure the linesman at the chelski vs arsenal final had some blue shirt on underneath pmsl

i reckon its ripe in all leagues we just fools and think its clean!
Not the best thing to do when your reffin a game, but he talked himself out of it well I thought.
Would be interesting to see the advantage decision he gave.
Expect he had to get a friend to pick up his winnings from the bookies though
lol, he's only doing what we know they all do! ;)

wow. Can you fault that justification? He must be a genius @ making excuses for the inexplicable.
Do we really think judges, referees etc. don't take sides? They are flesh and blood.. even the big G himself takes sides.