ps1 mod chips???


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May 7, 2005
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just got a quick question on the ps1 chips
been down to the local car boot to day and the number of ps1 consoles for sale
is unbelievable so for the sake of £2 each i decided to buy a few well like 5 lol
i chipped one years ago but its not like riding a bike i have forgotten every thing a did then
i have got a load of 12c509 chips from the good old days ;)
so my question is is it just a case of slapping Mayumi Stealth v4.0 eur hex on to the chip install it and away i go or is their a bit more to it than that???

a bit of retro gaming tony hawks and david mears bmx lol
also got a commodore 64 for £3 on the look out for an amiga 500 and an atari st now lol