Please Help!! New Rom 11 Card


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Jul 20, 2005
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Hi guys i have just bought a new n*l rom 11 card off ebay as my previous tit2 went down.

Ive got a few questions that ive tried to search for but cant find answers to.
Hope u guys can help:

1) Although it was sold as fully open how can i check it? and in case i try anything stupid what should i not do that may block it.

2) Ive got a dynamite programmer so will this do the trick or do i need more equipment.

3) is my tit2 card of any use after it went down?

4) will i need my BK and IRD and is there a way of taking them off my tit2 as i lost my fun card?

5) Can anyone direct me to the tuts that give me the above info.

I know ur probably thinking u lazy fu**er search for the answers but belive me ive tried and just when i think ive got it, i just end up more confused.

Normally my m8 just does it all for me but i'd like to try it myself so would really appreciate any help from you guys.

Thanks :Cheers:


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Dec 6, 2004
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yes m8 you will need youre bk and ird you can check youre card by using nagra try using 4.1and click the read button if it says it needs a update then it locked which will involve a t911 but it has all been covered many times all this ,just do a quick search m8 also there a few good tuts in the download section you will need aswell, hope this helps danny


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Mar 20, 2005
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Make sure that the programmer and Nagraedit is configured right i.e.:
Pheonix 3.68MHZ Mode
Then read card with Nagraedit and save that same image.

To get the Boxkey off you Tit2 open winexplorer get file saveepp and save then read the image in nagra edit (Again keep that image safe)

But I suggest that you read more regarding doing your first Mosc
There are Tuts around and if not sure ask before writing

Remember that with a rom card”! One mistake and card could be toast”!