Openbox V8s-F3-S9 all due for the bin


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Aug 2, 2007
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I'm having a clear out and I've come across an S9-V8s and an F3
Before I head for the tip with the 3 boxes is it possible to do anything IP*V wise or should I just skim them both ?
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Maybe worth throwing V8s in storage as strange things can happen in the future. (but doubt it)
Unless you have motorised dish your selection will be limited to:
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On 28.2°e

You can run IP*V on the V8s model, but it is poor.
Fcuk it bin they go. I read something about xtremecode and adding your own iptv address user pass but I couldn't suss which flash to try.

I've a dm500c as well like new, I love the menu and speed on the commando images, shame their not HD
I dropped them off yesterday at the tip along with a bundle of other crap, it's surprising how much you gather over the years.