nuclear weapons for peace


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Aug 5, 2006
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i think Saudi Arabia will soon seek nuclear weapons soon aswell.
The concern is largely to do with Saudi Arabia’s geopolitical situation and shia Iran armed with nukes,However, no solid evidence has yet appeared in open source material demonstrating that Saudi Arabia is seeking nuclear weapons.
Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the former head of the Pakistani nuclear weapons program. Khan sold or offered nuclear weapons technology to several Middle Eastern states, including Iran, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. No direct evidence has emerged confirming that Khan made similar offers to Saudi Arabia, but longstanding suspicions of nuclear cooperation between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are cause for continued concern.

I think nuclear weapons prevented a war between US /USSR and India/pakistan,so after all nukes are not that bad they can keep the peace!
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I agree they are a detterent. Not so sure if Mo AhmedIwantaJihad will use them as a detterent though.
One things for sure if Iran get a nuclear weapon they will waste no time in attacking Israel with it, the Israeli's will not think twice about retaliating 10 times harder with their own Nukes and we'll all be drawn into it, the last thing the middle east needs at this time is an imbalance of power, I think it's only a matter of time before Iran will have strikes made against them anyway and it won't be the Americans, it will be the Israeli's with a pre emptive strike because they know they are the first target, What have they to lose ?
Does Tony Blair want loads of big rockets so he can ring up George Bush and go "Hell Ye George look how big my rocket is, you know what they say about big rockets ;)"