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Mar 29, 2005
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I have heard a lot of Dbox and cable had gone off in Kirklees area.Peope say that is the end of cable boxes and Dboxes are begining to sell for in excess of 400 quids.

i just programmed my funcard with Infinity and everything is back and working, but people round here cant get the boxes working.

Whats the big fuss about, I couldnt even get on here all day yesterday
have a read around the forum most AU'S went off and that the fuss ;)
no probs in kirklees for me!
as for dboxes - many of those have gone down and will need new images
Why is it some people seem to think its their divine right to have free cable with au ? Surely its not that hard to prog a fun card for a while? or forever and a day if needs be??

Im no expert but a little search clears up most things and as for the server being slow - have a look at the amount of duplicate posts here - its madness!!

Still i suppose all those that are moaning are the same people that expect someone to hack vod yesterday!!

I gotta be honest if i was running things i'd probably be getting really cheesed off and debate whether to go public with an au fix at all!!