Getting stopped by people in the street


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Aug 24, 2004
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Likswang, China
Me and ms were in the heart of belfast last weekend, it was around 10pm.
I went outside for smoke and use the phone, it was quick call. When i finished my call a well dressed fella came up to me and said he was “unsure where he was and lost his wallet”.
He then went onto say he needed to get to dublin on the train.
Considering this was outside the europa hotel next door to train station... before he went any further i flicked my ciggy away and told him “goodnight buddy”
Went back in to ms, within 15 mins that same fella came in to the hotel and i seen him sitting at the bar BUYING SHORTS!!!

A long story short, a couple of hours before that there was a “homeless” man wrapped in a sleeping bag, sleeping. I left literally £1:50 or £2 beside him.
A couple of hours later to experience that fooking filth trying to hit few people every few mins to buy a drink should personally be emptied.
In 39 years of my life i never experienced it.

The sad thing about my experience is, some that need help should get it.
That filth ball that stopped me will not get a second chance again with me.

Really did take me a day or two to realise what i seen.
I personally can “not” walk past a human-being lying under a shop shelter without feeling sadness on society allowing this to happen.
Need it be support or neglect thats happening to these people.
(i suspect the latar)
I was once in manchester maybe 2-3 years ago. we had just come out of a brothel and walked over to the burgerking for a bite to eat.. in that time i'd say posibly 4-5 people where begging in shop fronts.. a couple of us popped some money in each so they all got some.. we left there and headed towards bars and there was litterly more and more homeless people begging.. i stopped and spoken to one of them and explained that i had already given money to a few and that i can't posibily fund the manchester homeless community.. i ask him how he ended up homeless and he said he was homeless for years and got help and got a flat.. he was evicted due to drink and drugs and causing trouble for his neighbours so ended up on the streets..

fast forward a couple hours, we saw some of the homeless men in the off licence with bottles of white lightening ..

The world out there is a strange place.. but 1 cant help people on his own.. especially those like the above who mess it up again..