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Joe Noodles

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Nov 12, 2015
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Yesterday and today my tv which has freeview has no channels
done a scan a couple of times but it finds nothing
checked wires and ariel on roof is still there lol
I don`t have another tv to test the signal on
tv had been working fine the night before, no problems, nothing changed
just since i switched it on yesterday am getting nothing
Tv is working ok as i can still watch via my android box
has the freeview in tv quit on me do you think or is it something else?
I would see if your aerial has moved alignment or a tree has over grown the point it's blocking the signal.

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No trees by me in live in the city, I looked at it from the backyard its seems ok from down here on the ground
seems like its in the same place/pointing it is always has been?

My sister has a freeview box she is going to bring down later on so i can check on that o_O
have a look at the cable, if it laid over the tiles or over the guttering.
over time with wind movement the cable could be worn through .....
Setup freeview box still no signal :(
so its the arial, cannot see from down here but it looks ok but obvious its not as its not working
everything seems in place the arial/wire same position as normal on the chimney/roof
looks like i`ll need to get someone out to fix it as i don`t have big ladders and not sure if i would go up on the roof myself lol