Phone Unlocking Newgen C800 Unlocking Help Needed


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Jun 11, 2005
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Hello Friends,
the wife today decided to buy a Newgen C800 from Tesco, the assistent told her , of course madam your existing BT sim card will work :)
I think not , any way I am trying now to unlock it before I take it back to Tesco and throw it at them.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in adavnce
Yes, you can't. There is no way to unlock these yet. Tesco want £30 to unlock these, but the Furious Team claim they are "almost there" with a working solution so you will either have to wait a week or two, or throw it at the lad in Tesco.
LOL!! Not another one?? My missus wants one but i wont get one til i can bung the orange sim card in:)

Thats one hell of an ugly phone tho' cant for the life of me see why she wants one:)
Ive been told by a very very reliable source that the software is available for a few different Newgens but the software for the C800 will be available on thursday 31st november,sounded like it wont be a code but we'll see i suppose.
Anyone heard any news about unlocking this ugly phone yet??--i aint talked to the guy who told me about an upcoming unlock yet so thought i'd see if any of you had any info...cheers
Yes m8. The only working solution atm is asking tesco for the unlock code. Dunno who said that end of November was Newgen day, but he was a mile out. Hack3r2k is the most active developer of newgen unlock software, and as far I as know he has only just got one himself to reverse. Looks like you'll be lucky before christmas.
:grayno: Yer right i just contacted the guy who said about the end of Nov and he said the software aint available--any ideas how long the unlocks usually take to become available cos the missus could put up with a tesco sim for a few months i suppose.
yo dude tesco requires you to put £30 in credit in the phone so you could in theory just use that up and then switch to orange.

My misses got a crystaled one from ebay, She loves it,
My missus is about to take her 2nd c800 back as both have had problems keeping a charge---bloke at tescos said"i thought we'd recalled all the faulty ones"----quite a few functions for a butt ugly cheapo tho---i'm long as the charging issue gets sorted.

could you elaborate on how you can get it unlocked if you spend 30 quid on top-ups????....cheers.