new wembley trick



ok i have noticed a lot of people includeing me are haveing trouble doing the wembley trick to downgrade to cr1 software part of the process involves 4321 in the hope that the cr1 softwares going to come in down the cable feed and it seems sometimes it does not i am pretty sure some people out there have cr1 as a file/bin on there pc ready to burn in manualy what i am thinking is it must be possible to comunicate some how with the cable feed socket on the back of the box and send this update from computer to stb it seems to be the weakest point on the box the com/scart socket has been protected by software updates and cards are protected by blacklisting but this door seems unprotected does any one know anything more about this ?

ps whats a good chip read writer that i can read write the software and boxkeys with ?

pps i was also thinking about custom software builds for example the librate operating system is used and that can be used to access the internet (dunno) if its possible to get access to that with a diffrent macid on the box and a diffrent place to cut the talk back