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Dec 26, 2005
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Tryin a fun card on a box

Box says card not inserted properly

I just got the box details i tried a blockered mosc had all channels for 10 min then it went off so thought id go fun instead but this is confusing me

the crypthex3 goes in flash
and the edited nagra image goes in the external eeprom
Still says card not inserted properly changed channel manually to skysports 1 been sittin there for half an hour still nothing , will leave for another while see if it updates
The onvious thing to do and i image you have done already is to make sure the card is in the right way round mate.

Other than that make sure your ird / bk are correct.
hehe checked the card was in right way , its my wife that puts them in upside down lol.

box key for fun card goes in with the 12 or the 3e at the end is that correct
I always put the 12 or 3e at the end but you could try the other way round.

Another thing i notice when doing friends cards is that the fun card can take up to 30 minutes to kick in.

Apart from that, crypthex3 goes in the flash and the modded image goes in exteep unless you have a sammy 2110 then you need the chaos files.
Tried both still no luck maybe the card had wrong box key reported but the mosc did work for 10 min showing all channels
Make sure you're using the right image for your area. eg..ntl, excw, telewst mate.
I know billyk has said this but Try reversing the IRD eg 48 66 42 3E to 3E 42 66 48 or jtag