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Aug 2, 2007
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Bought a Hisense cooker 10 month ago , registered it online for its 2 year warranty then the beginning of March the oven stopped warming up to full temp. I explains this to Hisense customer services and an engineer is booked for 10 days later.

He rolls up takes a look and checks it. He says elements are drawing 12 volt and it's probably a new motherboard but it's heating up on a particular setting. I have basic knowledge from repairing my old oven it was the thermostat. Before I said this he said that he didn't have any parts with him I'm like fcucking why ??. He said Hisense said I said it was the element which is utter bollox I just said it wasn't warming up.
When he left I tried to heat it up on the setting he said and again it never gets hot enough so there's no way you can cook in it. I tried and the food was still uncooked no matter how high you set it.

He said I will order a new motherboard ? and element still no mention of the thermostat. He says it will be me it will be a few days. This visit took place on he 11th from a company called 0800repair. He leaves days later I get a text your appointment is booked for the 22nd March 11 days after his visit. I thought here we go so I went with it.

I gets a text yesterday saying sorry due to parts its not the 9th April !!
I contacts Hisense their customer service was shocking to say the least saying there's nothing we can do just wait. so it will be 5 weeks without a cooker in a house of 5. We've tried cooking in it again but it doesn't work proper. I've spoke with the o800repair and they say there's nothing they can do I must wait. Hisense said you have to keep having it repaired.
I didn't buy it on a credit card I've cut all mine up so whats the best plan of action ? contact boots online were I bought it ?. 6 weeks without a cooker is a nightmare
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I remember that the onus is on the retailer (boots) and not the manufacturer for the first year, without a doubt ring boots THIS MORNING stating your story they should replace it immediately from what you say. Quite shocking that.

good luck with it mate.
Under the Consumer Rights Act it’s up to 6 months for the retailer and after that you use you warranty.
But it would still worth giving Boots a bell.
Good luck.
I have had some great success after getting nowhere when contacting customer services by emails and by phone, firstly a couple of years back with Amazon and then around 12 months back with a car insurance company and then a little later when I was trying to get an online delivery from Iceland and their website said it was reserved for those who were shielding, even though I was told to shield by the NHS, by emailing their respective CEOs, whose details I found on this site :

Even though it was usually later on in the evening when I emailed the relevant CEO or MD on each occasion I got a phone call early in the following morning by one of their higher up people, I think that the lady from Amazon said that she was from either VIP or Executive customer services, who resolved the issue in a matter of minutes. The lady from Iceland even said that if I logged in online within the next hour and made an order it would be delivered the following day, and it was and I have always been able to get a slot since then, It seems that CEOs and MDs, or more likely their secretaries, don't like being bothered by such small matters as customer complaints and tell their underlings to get it sorted before they are bothered again 🙂
I resolved the issue today. I bought the cooker from Boots online appliances which is a part of so I ended up dealing with ao.
The lady at ao customer services who sorted it was top draw and went above and beyond to sort it out.
I went into a 3 way call ao. me, Hisense.
Hisense offered an extra 3 months and £35 good will gesture which I turned down. In the end Hisense offered to take it back and my ao credit the full price I paid back to my account.

I don't think I would have got it returned had it not been for the lady at ao. To me she sounded like it's not the first time she's dealt with Hisense and their good will gestures.
I remember reading a while back that Hisense TVs were excellent value, but that their quality control and customer service were shite.

It seems that their products are great if you get a good one, but you’re in deep shit if you don’t.
We bought a Samsung eco bubble washing machine and it was the biggest mistake we ever made. It sounded like an aeroplane taking off after we had it for 12 Months. It wouldn't empty neither. Samsung sent the white coats out and blamed everything floor colouring next doors curtains, anything but there washing machine. He tarted it up it worked a month then broke. I gave it away in the end. So if any of you guys bought it sorry there shite after 12 Months.
When companies start messing you around I find it best if you take up the problem on social media, ie twitter, Facebook will soon have the issue resolved as which companies want adverse publicity for their products..
Just ordered a replacement via online no delivery charge should be here Monday. If it wasn't for the assistant at I'm sure I'd still be arguing the toss now
Just ordered a replacement via online no delivery charge should be here Monday. If it wasn't for the assistant at I'm sure I'd still be arguing the toss now
Hope all goes well..think our cooker is on the way out..when using the oven, the cooker top goes really hot..checked all vents ,all clear..mind you had it for a few years baumstic..need to look for a 90cm range Cooker, single oven and all gas...
If mine was out of warranty (had 14 months left) I would have checked the elements and thermostat. These are simple jobs most can do themselves:

  • Make sure the multimeter is calibrated and then turn the dial to the lowest ohm rating.
  • Place the multimeter on the thermostat. If the thermostat has a reading of zero or as close to zero as possible, it is working fine. However, if it has no reading at all, your oven thermostat is faulty and will need replacing.