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Macbook Pro A1286 screen not coming on after replacement.

Discussion in 'Apple General Discussion' started by willin, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. willin

    willin Member

    Sep 17, 2007
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    As title, daughter has a 15.5” Macbook Pro A1286 (2010) she closes the macbook with ear bud headphones inside and breaks the glass screen and LCD, so we replace both following a youtube video, everything seems fine as in start up sound etc but the screen is black. I took a lot of time making sure everything was connected properly as in retaining clips on cables well seated and taped, I’m pretty confident it was not a poorly connected cable.
    I have tried the SMC reset and PRAM reset, after a little reading it seems we maybe should have disconnected the battery (youtube did NOT tell you to do this), and it could possibly be the WLED driver on the motherboard which is a capacitor, has anyone any advice of anything else it could be before it costs me a fortune for a computer shop repair.
    We are waiting for a cable to hook it up to my PC monitor to check everything is working, TIA.
  2. DoomedEarl

    DoomedEarl VIP Member VIP Member

    Oct 4, 2005
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    Could it be a faulty screen?
  3. chookey

    chookey VIP Member VIP Member Premium Member

    Oct 6, 2005
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    My first thought as well. Given the cost of a replacement screen I felt the OP may have went for secondhand, ebay and may have bought a dud.

    The battery should always be removed prior to working on equipment, whether this be a macbook, IBM laptop or phone etc;
    Been guilty of this myself in the past and been greeted with either a black, or white blank screen, removing and reinserting the battery always cured it though.
    Doubtful that the WLED driver should have suffered in any way with the circumstances you have outlined. It isn't a capacitor though, it is a tiny BGA chip, so small that I can fit 6 of them on my thumbnail. Very few components on an Apple logic board can be replaced without the use of a microscope, tweezers, a steady hand and experience.
    Apple logic boards are around half to two thirds the size of an average IBM laptop motherboard. The former is normally around 5 times the value of the latter which due to it's low cost is considered BER when the motherboard develops a fault. The cost of repairing a logic board has to be decided by the value of the item and the complexity of the repair.

    I've never been paid a fortune for any of my logic board repairs. Occasionally I have easy repairs, ones I have done many times before. More often than not there is liquid damage and several repairs have to be carried out and may be spread over several days. The easy repairs have to subsidise the difficult ones. The average board repair is around £120, yet I may have spent about 40 hours on a real bitch, £3 an hour. We are not the robbers the public see us as.

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