Itv4 Epg ??


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Oct 3, 2005
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Hi all,

I have tried 4 images (Gav's latest couple and a couple of different sportster pro's) on my Sagem 2x box. But I can't seem to get any epg for ITV4 (waiting for epg), all the other channels have a fully populated epg.

Has anyone else experienced these problems ? BTW I am in the Surrey area.

I am interested to here if anyone has it or not ??


niteflite01 said:
I have the same problem too. Sagem 1x box, 1.7uk04....

I'm wondering if it could be something to do with it not being sent by the cable company ? What area are you in ??

have a look on your original ntl box and see if the epg is there

then you will never know if its coming through the stream unless you ask a friend or neighbour and see if epg is on there ntl box

im talking about the ppl that have the channel and no epg for the channel as there is a fair few of them

Cheers I am going to my mums tomorrow so I will have a look then. Probably just telepest haven't got there act together to send it out yet. I will let you know.

I don't have it either (west london). Telepest's customer services have a recorded message about ITV4. My guess is that the epg will come when they start broadcasting it.
no epg on itv4 here too not just on gavs image but its the channels itself

what time does it start broadcasting as there is no epg and it could be service off air was working fine last night but now ERROR
I think it doesn't start broadcasting until the evening.