ird and bk rong


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Jan 7, 2007
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hi all ive just unlocked 2 cards had probs with first box so today a got a new one and same again both cards have same bk on them and the ird on both is also rong i feel like crying lol can you help me with this tell me my next step

thanks in advance
sorry first box is a pace di1400 t i can jtag that i think and 2nd one is a sa explorer 4200 dont know how to do this

bk ******3F47DF7A9A on both cards
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hi all no need to reply now ive got the info i need di1400 jtag will get bk and as for the sa 4200 im not takeing chips out to much stress so ill stick it on fleebay
the box is just for me so the pace will do just fine : big crow