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Feb 23, 2009
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I am using my techno 6900 super hd combo for CS and have tried a few different servers...some are worse than others, but all of them so far have suffered from glitches/stuttering on sky hd. I have tried the same clines on my pc system with Hadu and a tuner card...after updating to the latest Hadu version I noticed the reliability of picture was better. Is there a possibility of the excellent phantom patches being updated, like Hadu, to give a steadier picture on the Technomate 6900 box and similar?
Are there any other ways of getting a steadier picture...maybe a server with less shared or stronger clines, or will I have to replace my beloved techno in order to get a perfect result? Has anyone here got it glitch free?!:proud:
Hi all, Several of us are having the same problem picture freezing etc. We have the phantom 729p 18/08/2010 installed.
Question is how to check what cccam we have installed ?
Could someone please direct us to the correct place to dl the 2.1.2 cam and 726 patch.
I will continue to looks receiver is 6900 hd super combo plus.
thanks in advance for your support.
Look, the CCcam client for the TM6800hd / 6900hd - Super / 7100HD is not perfect
but it works great with with a CCcam server 2.1.x

Phantom , Digi, I know you claim(I have read) it should work ok with 2.1.4 server but from the feedback it seems that is not OK ?

From my experience.
Sky Uk works great when using a CCcam server 2.1.x
The other providers are a hit and miss and mostly you get a better result with newcamd...

If you want to download CCcam server/client software on your dreambox/clone in order to let your TM receiver connect to your dreambox/clone you should do that on that your dreambox/clone (there is mostly a menu there that will let you download older cams)

You cannot download a certain version of cccam client on a TM receiver. It is a hacked and regulary updated version more or less compatible with running CCcam servers on the net... (COrrect me if i'm wrong on this)

As I have already tested lots of different Satellite receivers capable of running a cccam client it is always the same problem.
Dream Box of Dream Media seems to have the source and is running Very thight on that original brand, the other brands need to emulate/hack ? in order to follow...
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to get the most out of a 6000/7100 reveiver

save your channel lists, AND COPIES of your connections details

factory reset the receiver
flash with official firmware from or the download center
factory reset again
flash with latest patch
factory reset again
flash addon 002
copy your connection details and channel lists again

and you should find it a lot more stable
glad to say I uploaded the 730p patch from phantom...its very much better...I didnt need to do the factory resets at all...just the new patch and it is a lot more stable....all you technomate 69 and 6800 super hd users...install patch 730p :Clap:
@ scoobyjones1

Hi what patch did you have prior to this. I found a considerable improvement with 729 patch. Have not tried 730 yet. Yours is the first positive I have seen on this patch. In fact not much info on it at all.

Thanks Phantom for continued support. Many thanks.
Hi Lads

I have tried both 729 and 730 but I have had issues with some clines not connecting and really not sure why

If i revert back to 726 all clines connect again so its not bad clines

I have tested 729 and i found 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 servers are more stable (pretty much the same as 2.1.1 servers) :Clap:

I didnt notice any less freeze with 729 and 730 using 2.1.4 but this just might be me

My opinion is that 729 is more stable than 730 (might just be me or my servers tho) but neither work well with 2.1.4

Either way I have had to revert back to 726 because as i say I couldnt connect to my main server using 729 or 730

Hope this can be fixed

Keep up the good work tho phantom - really appreciate it :banana:
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i have the same problem as you mate

back to 726p and everythink ok again

725p + 726p all clines connect again

@ scoobyjones1

Hi what patch did you have prior to this. I found a considerable improvement with 729 patch. Have not tried 730 yet.

I went from 729 to 730 and found an improvement. I recommend you also hard-reset your router, and make sure you are not downloading or uploading to get the smoothest picture. If it is still jerky get a test cline from someone to compare it with...could be your server is sending you a weak one...

It's great we are getting support for our boxes...they are still very good to use...and it takes a couple of years to get used to using them. Thanks to Technomate and Phantom. I have confidence now to buy your products in the future knowing I will get this support.
Agree mate - a big thanks to phantom for keeping these boxes alive - its really appreciated :Clap:

Dont think It can be router if everything is fine when reverted back to 726 (only my opinion)

It could be my isp as some have better latency then others

But its strange how everything fine with one patch and not so good with another

Downloading? - whats that? lol - dont do that anymore since the dodgey modems went bump. My internet only used for very minor downloads mainly system updates, webbrowsing and of course cs - its 10meg so should handle no problem

I even did what digi recommended and install official firmware and factory rest before installing phantom patches - but to no avail

I will wait for the next patch from phantom i think and hope it works for me :Clap:

cheers lads
got the glitches again its not just the 730p patch that's the following advice on here, I saved my channel list, keys and cs usb info, then did a factory reset, patched it with 730p, then another reset, then flashed the update 002, added channels again, then keys and cline info and it is more stable thanks for all your suggestions...I will see how it is tomorrow. A good server is important though...I have tried some test clines which were useless.
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725p + 726p + 729p + 730 it has no at all
if you find a good server with local card tm work fine CCcam 2.1.1 + 2.1.2 + 2.1.3 > it has no problem @ all.

Still appears to be an issue with the problem 729p + 730p server connection some connect some dont

Either way I have had to revert back to 726p because as i say I couldnt connect to my main server using 729p or 730p server Been using 7 months i cant ford to lose him beacouse there is not alot of good ones and remember we only can reseve TM

Keep up the good work tho phantom thanks for support TM.

Excellent, again proving those clowns in the darkness wrong.

@ scoobyjones1 here mate


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running pretty well today...factory reset was the answer...and phantoms great patch of course...:Clap:
Hi all, Anyone know the solution for this problem, had a new wireless vm netgear router installed few days ago. Box is connected via ethernet, suddenly sat box keeps rebooting 4 to 5 times less then a min then stays on for 30 to 40 mins then reboots again and again. Have installed the new 730patch but still the same. Have also disabled the firewall in the router but still the same. Please help...
think you maybe right Only God knows what i did changed this, that, here, there and everything, it finally stayed on, no more auto reboot!!!