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  • message for xxxxxx. i have done a factory reset on my tm5200 super and i cant seem to remember how to set it up at all. help me please
    dear i am new on this forum, i am from vienna and since 3 days i am searching here a section where i can find sharepartners,
    I want to give my lokal card orf hd comeplete and sky germany on hop2.
    and want sky uk lokal.
    i have a dreambox 800 as server.
    please help need sky uk coz of cricket world cup
    bj et merci pour tout mais le 727 p il en na pas il a le 726 et le 729 mais pas le 727 merci a+
    tnx mate - i will see if i can move the lnb and bracket this weekend if not i will need to look at getting a motor and all the bits, please feel free to suggest any you know that will work with the 5400 super
    Ive just got my first TM 5400 CI + Super sat system with a fixed dish and x2 lnb - 1 lnb to 28.2e and 1 lnb to 13.0e i think or 19.2e and I wanted to get adult tv not the soft uk stuff, i have just downloaded and installed the lates softcam from dated 8th Jan 2011. Is that all i need to do or do i need to add all the softcam's on top of each other or do they overwrite each other and then do i need to do something else? not bother if they are not english also which sat is best? i have 1 lnb for official sky with my sky box and the 2 lnb to my TM 5400 so have a limited span on the curved bracket.

    Any help would be great

    Hi, don't know if you can help me.
    I have the Technomate 6900 super combi + and I have uploaded the ADDON_002p-tm-6900 with the phantom patch 7.35p.
    I can access all the menus ect. But what I really need to know is what is it for, what does it do and how to make it work???

    Many thanks
    Hi m8
    your pm box is not working a the montment .send samemore post in the forum then your pm will be working i will help you out mate ok
    Hi m8 can you help me with setting up my tm 6800 super for cs any info would help been trying to do this for days and cant sort it .thanks paul
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