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Jun 1, 2001
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the last few days we have had no hot water coming from our MEGAFLO DD170

it is on a timer and when we run taps, no hot water, but the boost function heated the water when pressed.

i swapped the two stems round in the tank, and then the boost stopped working, and the timed water worked again.

so i knew the stem rod was at fault. COTHERM type:TSE

i tried various plumbing merchants round trafford park, none anywhere, until i found one place, feckin £37 inc vat.

fitted that, all works again.

what i was asking is: what is the recommended time to have the timer kicking in at so we have water for a shower in morning, and a bath at night and wash the pots at tea time.

default was 2:15am - 7:15am on the HORSTMANN ECONOMY 7 timer but would that give me hot water in the evening?

thanks in advance.
forgot to mention, DD170 = DD is 2 stem rods, 1 for timed heating, 1 for boost heating.
obviously your economy 7 will heat the water sufficiently overnight to heat the hot water for the morning, but if you want hot water topped up in the eveing i suggest you put it on for 1 hour/hour and a half....

by stem rod what do you mean??? the whole immersion element? or the shorter stat that slips inside the sleeve within the immersion???

yep! the megaflo immersions always cost more! the thread is slightly different to that of standard cheaper immersions!