I gave up


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Feb 15, 2007
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I do't think I am asking the right questions I have read all the tut specially
the Phoenix one I am the person with no brain maybe in a day one or two
my wake up because all the information is on the card his the boxkey and
ird on the card as I said in a post earlier I thought my only thought
I have two put in a file how right I was I need someone to go through this
one step at a time
Thanks we'll reply as you can see my spelling is not today
ID something to my card last night and I had to go to someone
to put it back all he did was to flash it he say and I did not know
want he means put it cost mouny but i have got a programer
and I could not do it myself
funcard 2 the tut are all going on about ird& boxkey
but it talk him seconds to do
help us to help you

hi john22 i don't mean to be rude but your post needs to be a bit more to the point do you no your boxkey & ird or is it on the card which the dealer sold you also which funcard files do you have ....if you can let us no these things there are hundreds of guys on here who are more than willing to give you all the help you need.....don't lose heart we all had to start somewhere...good luck m8