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Mar 10, 2005
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Where You Cant Find Me
This Is Long Shot ON Here Must Bin In Like 2005
There Was A Thread To Get A HPI Check On You Mobile It Costed £1.50
I Cant Find The Thread Dont Suppose Anyone Saved The Number LOL
Thanks NeWay
i dont think the 1.50 hpi check gives you a proper check, just a few basics i think

if your going to buy a car, do a proper hpi check mate :)
The 1.50 one was no good m8, I tried it on a bike I had which I knew had been imported and it came back saying it hadnt also that a car i knew had money left on it it said it was clear, just a scam IMO.
As exclusive says mate your best of getting a proper detailed one but ive used a text one before a couple of times its costs 3 quid though just text check (car reg) to 83600 then you will receive a text back asking you if the reg is correct then reply by check c (car reg) and you will receive an text back telling you if it on the list or money owed etc. not very detailed but it tells you the basic things that you need to know .
LoooL Thanks For That
Aint Even Buying A Car Got No Money LOL
Yhh You Got It Mate HPI Check Not A Loan LOL Woulnt Mind A Loan
Looks Like Might Have To Go CarGiant And Pay 23.3% Just To Get A Car :(