How long until it is around £200?


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Jun 11, 2006
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I know this will be a matter of years, but I was wondering how many years you guys reckon? 2, 3, 4? how long?
i read in a pc mag that in hong kong it only costs £246 now so and i believe they have the same dvd region as us. im not sure about game regions though
ps3 games are region free not ps2 or psx games though
Well prices where supposed to be going down £150 after the launch. I havnt seen them go down yet. But i think it will be after 1 year lol. There was more hype for the wii and they missed the Christmas rush for them
Well its only about $798 now. I loved the way the americans complained about it being $650 - £325.
They have discontinued the 20gb versions and the PS3 brute is coming out so that should drop the prices a little
i heard hong kong ps3s were multi reigion game and movie but not sure if its true
The Blu-Ray is multi region if the distrubor wants to.
I bought mine the other day for £464 at Game Station, Package included X Men 3 Blu Ray DVD, and two PS3 games. Not a bad price i thought.
while ever sony are getting people paying top price for this console i dont think they will drop the price as soon as people stop buying it the price will start dropping
lol nobody is buying them now. I think they will rocket if the iso loader is released
i agree zero sales will surge if any form of freebie ps3 games becomes available,but not yet,even if a nice psp like loader came out there just arent the games for it

i think for the ps3 sales to rise it need a few killer app games,100quid off the price and some form of hack,

i know loads o folk who would buy one if they could get dirt cheap/free games

but thats no good if the games aint even worth having free
i have seen games uploaded to torrent sites but if there is no way of playing them y would people bother uploading them??

i dont have a ps3 not really interested bcause of the price

Paradox are releasing game rips because apparently they are working on a iso loader(bull!!) so apparently its so people are ready for when they release this iso loader during the next full pink moon, so keep your eyes open for that one.

The price of the PS3 will drop when component prices drop, so called epxerts were attempting to fool people into thinking Sony are making a $250 loss on each console. Yes they are making a loss on the console (its a normal business stratagy - to gain market share blah blah blah) but how much...only Sony can answer that. I'd wait about 5-12 months for a price drop of any kind.
i wanna get 1 but bit 2 much on priices just waitin 4 that 200isg mark lol