help with flashing needed


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Dec 9, 2007
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first flash today was doing ok, got as far as reading banks
all ok. reading finished datasum 8692 then everything freezes.

any ideas would be very helpful



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Oct 27, 2007
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Ignore the above post the 32 bit is shite, and if he means the DIOS version, Illl explain below ;)

Just to clarify.

iPrep is a windows based GUI that prepares your bootable device (USB/Floppy/Hard Drive) with a Hex edited MTKFlash for Samsungs, creates Batch commands for your PC's specific port for DOSFLASH it also installs the hacked iXtreme firmware on there and Firmtool to copy the drive key and/or Drive String ID (Spoof Data) to your hacked firmware.

What you now must do is load into Windows, open Firmware Toolbox 4.6.


Navigate to your bootable device iPrep preapred

Inside there, there will be a folder called backups

Inside /backups will be the 7 digit serial you used with DBEN xxxxxxx xxxxx

Inside /backups/serial7 will be the 5 digits you used in the command above.

Inside that there will be a file called BenQ-OFW.bin - select this in Toolbox.


Once opened, check the drive key appears valid, it should have no multiple FF or 00 bytes.

It should also report as a BenQ VAD drive.

If so, back this up 20x as its your valid original firmware.

If the key isnt valid or it doesnt open or report as a BenQ drive the dump is crap - delete it, start again but post here before trying again.

Providing the dump is good

Check in /backups/serial7/serial5/

See if there is a file called BenQ-CFW.bin (notice the CFW, not OFW this time)

If so, open that in toolbox, it probably wont be valid as Firmtool never ran

If its not valid, is 0 bytes or doesnt contain the same key as BenQ-OFW,bin

Delete it, if it never existed you are good to carry on.

Post back with your findings and Ill put another following guide up later on.

I want to make sure you have everything as it should be brfore continuing and bricking your drive ;)