HELP !!!!!!!!!! dbox2 wont boot up



dbox2 wont work all i get is the following display on the box Emon V1.o mId 01 feid 7a gtxid 0b fpid 5a dsid 01-55.b9. hwrev x5 swrev 0.81 e/ex/fl (mb) 32/00/08 kein system any ideas
cheers david
Mate Kein System means No System !! It looks to me like you have flashed it with the wrong flash eg x1 or x2 flash. Did you check ? Nokia's are x2 il find you the link to recover you from Kein System so sit tight mate !!
thanks got it working now but in german and cant get my chanels just german ones bouquets & services wont go on tryed DBOXCommand and DBOX2 Image-Flashing-Assistent wont work sorry for being a pain
download flash fxp and try that, worked for me when i had trouble flashing a nokia dbox2 with IFA and dbox commander, there is a very good tutorial how to use it in download section
now i put on image Sportster_200511_20051030_J_2xI and it is now asking for a pincode any ideas tryed 0000 and 1234 no luck