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Jul 4, 2005
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I have just purchased a freecom DVB-T USB stick and once "tuned" , the EPG shows the discovery channel. My problem is that I cannot get this (and other channels) to display. Are these encrypted channels and if so how do I pay to get them. I am a total newbie to Freeview and appologise in advance, if I am simply being stupid.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Discovery is part of the top-up tv package. You have to have a card (and a box that will accept it) and it costs £7.99 a month.

check out:
Thanks Mate, I guess that I would require a completely differnt DV box to recieve top up TV.
Considering the card would be bigger than the USB stick... yeh... I guess so!
Not necessarily, you could use a separate USB smartcard reader, but your Freecom stick must have BDA compatible drivers for this to work.
"Not necessarily, you could use a separate USB smartcard reader, but your Freecom stick must have BDA compatible drivers for this to work."

This sounds interesting can you please give me more detail.
You can't do this with the freecom software that comes with the device; you need to use a third party program that supports CAM emulation plug-ins. All the software is free but to use it your Freecom stick either needs native driver support [which it hasn't got] or BDA drivers.

Unfortunately Freecom don't have their own BDA drivers, *but* their device is actually a clone, using the same tuner and chipset, as some other TV stick devices on the market. If you are *very* lucky you will be able to use other vendors BDA drivers with your device.

They might be quite complicated to get working because some of the files might need patching, but it's your only hope for TopUp on that device. Let me know if you need a hand, Good luck! Now don't say I never do anything for you....

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Thank you very much, looks like I am going to be busy for a while I will let you know how it goes.
You might have to "force" windows to use the driver because the ID will be wrong.

Once you get your stick working with ProgDVB or MyTheatre you're all set for TopUp.

I have posted these links on a few other boards for other Freecom users to try so I'll let you know if they find anything usefull.

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I too have a freecom stick and was wondering if you had any progres with theese new drivers, also im having a problem with picking up channels.
it wont detect a lot of channels that my stb recieves.
Iwas thinking it could be a driver or firmware issue (or both) but cant apear to find anything usefull on the freecom web site?

also just noticed that now it comes with a credit card size remote which mind didnt as it was one of the first ones

bit pissed about that really.

Does anyone know if I can use this on an Apple Macintosh? I've got one on order for my PC but was just curious about what I would need to be able to get it running on a Mac.

I'm getting one of these tomorrow. To burn the program you have recorded, do you have to encode it, using something like Nero visionexpress?
heres a little tut n some stuff i put together so try this m8
im thinkin of gettin this usb stick for my laptop. was wondering what the people who already have one think of it. is it worth it? do you pick up the channels clearly? how easy is it to record etc?
thanks for the advice
No problems with mine. Recording is a doddle using the epg. The small aerial that comes with it is pretty useless unless you can actually see the transmitter.