Finding Keys


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Feb 21, 2005
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Using Sportster 1[1].76 3, how can I access the latest keys, I could find them in the older sportster image I was using but not this one, thanks.
If you use evocamd open the file Keylist.txt in the folder /var/keys.
Connect with a ftp client and look at keylist.txt in /var/keys/
On some of the sportster images you can go into the sportster menu (blue button) and theres a menu option to "view current keys" or something like that. Take a look ;)
What do you think tuxbox commander is good for.
You could use tuxbox commander to view/edit files on the box (the file is keylist.txt in /var/keys), OR you could do it the way I said above (which I think is better :))

I just checked, on some sportster versions if you go into the sportster menu then it says something like "Show Public Keys". Click that option and the keys and displayed in a message box for you.

Liam, I could do this on my previous image but not this one.
mgb, had a look at that and it looks scary to me, are u telling me its in there, if so be a friend and tell me how to retrieve it...please.
OK Chaps sorted it thanks very much, went into tuxbox commander and followed liam and mgb's tut, sometimes you have to be brave and venture into the unknown.