ebay cheeky fecker

Lots of them are at it another seller ("dfc20") is selling exactly the same thing I asked him what I got for my money and he sent me this:

Hi, basically its everything that you would need. 3 x tutorials for beginners regarding installing new software and how to put the dbox in debug mode (if required). New linux images (the software the dbox uses) which works on everything. Games and loads more. This software will work on all dbox's e.g. nokia and sagem and is for 1x and 2x Intel/Avia chip dbox'x. If you read the threads of the other cd's up for offer on ebay, some do not work with all dbox's so you have to be careful. I also noticed that some of the other sellers dbox cd's go for over £15, which is too much but I guess if people are willing to pay that it's up to them. I will give you plenty of email help if you require it - 100% feedback. Hope this helps.

What can you do, it has been discussed indepth recently on the forum but I think we have to grin and bear it.

this is not fair with WOD. people work hard to help others and others just takes a piss.

I think you could report him to Ebay as it violates Ebay Rules to sell an Item via Email or Link only.

But when you report him doing something illegal where does that leave you..?

Trust me, a lot of the stuff these guys sell is created & translated by me:Chainsaw:
We have to remember that not all guides are from just THIS site... there are many others out there. I get annoyed when people sell MY own guide; but thats only on two sites (as far as im aware!). That is Digital World (its true home), and now Unlockers (somebody uploaded for me).