Dvbsky t330


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Dec 27, 2015
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I went and fetched a Vu+ DUO2 from the office this afternoon to have a play around with it, it seems that unless BlackHole build the kernel patch into their builds then there is nothing we can do to get this to work, so it's down to either them to do this or wait on a updated kernel version from Vu+, with something 3.19 or above, chances are then that this will likely work just with firmware and drivers.

Plenty of others that do support this in the SOLO2 though, I tried VTi this afternoon (on the DUO2 but will be the same on the SOLO2) and yes support is straight out the box, OpenATV and OpenViX just need the dvbsky-family driver installing from their respective addons server and then they to will also work fine.
Thanks. Infact it works for me on OpenATV v5.1 downloading the drivers directly from the builtin panel while it doesn't work on Black Hole v2.1.7


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Jan 27, 2007
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No, it's a BlackHole issue where by they need to compile the DVBSky T330 compatible drivers (it's the same driver that also supports most of the range of DVBSky tuners) at the same time they compile the firmware as it's kernel related. So in this case it is image specific rather than hardware and/or manufacturer... All OE-Alliance based firmwares though and VTi support DVBSky USB tuners, it's just BlackHole that have not as yet added support.