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Mar 18, 2005
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Seems like a Dreambox section would be a valuable addition to Digital World cast your vote...
Yes, I think that a dreambox section is necessary. It should be similar to the dbox2 section, whereby the main chat/question&answer bit is in one place, and the 'downloads section' is a sub-forum.
would be of great value and sure is needed ...... would surely be a success as is the dbox2 section....:BLOBBY:

I believe that the mods/administrators should review this thread so that they can see how to improve the site .... i.e... create the dreambox section that we all want! :)
Most welcome for me as I am soon to be a owner of a dreambox like many others here.
dreambox for the sat or cable???
count me as a yes please been looking at these a while now........if only price came down...lol
This has now been passed to the admins so fingers crossed...
Well with 27 against 2 votes, they will hardly be likely to say NO :p
sounds good to me, ive been bored with my dbox for a while now.
a dreambox section within the cable section would be nice.
come on mods give us what we want!!!!!!!!!! lol :)