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Dreambox 600 tuning problems


Inactive User
Jun 16, 2008
I have just bought a dreambox 600 and when I try to scan for satellite channels it cannot find any channels and the BER shows a high figure. My satellite cable is ok because when I connect it to my old startsat it picks up the channels easily.

Could I have a bad tuner on the dreambox or is there any settings I have to make.

I live in an apartment block in Qqatar and we get all 4 satellites centrally but we still have to enter Disecq 1, 2, 3 and 4 for each satellite. We are offered Badr, Nilesat, Hotbird and Turksat 1C.

Once or twice the receive picked up a few channels and then it failed. I tried resetting the receiver without much luck.

Can anyone help or suggest some fixes.