don't panic


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Mar 7, 2005
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Hi all
this is the best site thier is, so don't panic, the mods will sort it out as soon as possible, until then just use a funcard.:xmas: :xmas: :xmas:
iv'e tryed four diff funcards and none working whats going on?
lol im not worried my card works i am certain its just work going on in certain areas due to speed upgrades/vod ;@)
Us lot on ex cable and wireless havent been hit ;)
... yet.
ok this is what i done to programme card... i entered the ird as shown 12 ** ** ** i did not enter it backwords, as before i use to enter like this and worked..

i then entered bk and made my flash. i used this in my flash and used the keys as inteeprom.

i get back channels like 1,2,3,4,5 and itv2 itv3 and stuff...
If we think about it logically, there isnt actually anything to worry about. All thats happened is we've lost the autoupdate feature of some cards...
... all that means is that we've got back to the days of manually updating the keys?

We havent actually lost just means that we need to do a bit of work instead of sitting on our arses watching disney channel all day :)

There was once a time when we didnt have anything that autoupdated... so why should that bother us now?

I for one would not mind updating the keys once a day; if it meant that I could watch £96.50 a months' worth of TV!

Long live free cable, thats all I say...
sounds good if you can update it. at the moment my box won't even with the latest tw keys
Yep well said mate and if you have a DBOX your laughing ;)
Anyway we need for the time being some members from the effected areas ie TW and pure NTL to get the keys and make the new Rst files in the mean time just to support those ppl who need it ;) ok.
Hopefully the fix will be out soon if its not just the temporary upgrade interference.

lmao good job we can have a laugh lol

i got the other one as well so im getting ready for the shock when the misses starts moaning she cant watch the extra channels.
Cos when that happens my life wont be worth living for a while