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debug sammy


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Nov 30, 2006
all im getting is the green standbye lite wot am i doing wrong
After applying power to the box you hold the down channel button until ld14 shows on display. Let go, it should go up to ld40 then go blank. Leave it for about 30 seconds then the 0 should come up.


DW Regular
Jan 10, 2007
Quick guide from start to finish on Sammy

You need to short the battery for 10 seconds, with a bit of wire.
Then put it in stream and let it update.
Then remove the 2 talkback resistors if it hasn't been done.
Then you can JTAG.
Get BKE2.2 up and running.Check the config1.ini numbers are correct ( 00f6a8a8) for pure ntl.
Power on the box, when the display shows LD20, press and hold ch down until the display shows LD40 . Wait a few seconds then let go of ch down button.
Wait till the on/off button led changes from red to green. Now the box is in debug mode. You don't have to wait for the display to show '0'
Align the JTAG pins to the left( towards the front of the box) with the side that has just 2 pins to the edge of the case. Push the pcb up and down a few times and then click 'connect' on BKE.........